Sling Hire

Sling hireAt Hold Me Close Consultancy we want to give every parent/carer the opportunity to find a sling to suit their needs. Therefore we offer sling hire which is a great way of trying out a few different options before committing yourself to buying a sling. You may want to hire over a longer period, or you might be looking to hire for a particular occasion or event. Whatever your needs, we can help you choose the sling that will suit you and your family best. We have a number of carriers available for you to hire for a small fee.


For more information, contact us

How does Sling Hire work?

Sling Hire works through the East Kent Slings library.

You do not need to be a member of East Kent Slings to hire a carrier at one of our meets, however, if you are not a member, we do ask for a returnable deposit when you hire a carrier. Members are not required to pay a deposit for hire and membership also has the advantage of better rates for hiring.


Hiring from the sling library costs £5 for two weeks or £10 for a month for non-members, plus a £50 deposit.


Membership costs £10 per year. In order to become a member we will need to see a form of ID when you join (such as a driving license). Once you are a member you will be able to hire at a discounted rate of £7.50 per month, and you will not be required to pay a deposit.

Hiring and returning

To hire a carrier simply come along to one of our many meets. If none of the meets suits you, do please contact us and we will try to arrange something. While at the meet, we can also give you advice on carriers available for hire, as well as ones you may own.

When you need to return the carrier you have 4 options:

  1. pop along to the next sling library session (this can be any meet, it does not need to be the one you hired from)
  2. drop it into Expressions Cafe in Canterbury
  3. drop it into the Umbrella Cafe in Whitstable High Street
  4. You can post it back to Soshanna (contact us for the address)
General Care
  • Please look after your sling carefully.
  • Avoid using the sling in smoky environments.
  • Please keep any pets away from it, as the next family to hire may have a significant allergy.
  • If the sling has a chest strap, please be aware that these can detach. Check when removing the sling that the strap is still attached.
  • If you need to clean your carrier, please contact us first.
  • Spot cleaning is the safest if you have any accidents.
  • Should your carrier get wet, line drying is the safest option. Tumble-drying carriers can shorten their lives.