About Me

My Story

Hannah, Matt and Arya

I’m Hannah, I grew up in Belgium and I am married to Matt. Together we’ve got five beautiful girls.
When my eldest daughter Ella was born, I dipped my toes into babywearing, but we didn’t really get on with it. When I was pregnant with our second baby, I wanted to give it another go, and I bought a baby carrier at a baby show. Unfortunately we lost our second daughter Sterre during pregnancy.


When our third daughter Lotta was born, babywearing was the only way she would let me do the school run and soon we got the hang of it and one carrier, became many…

Just before I had our fourth daughter Arya, I trained as a babywearing peer supporter with Born to Carry in Cambridge.

It was my big dream to one day train as a babywearing consultant.
In 2016 this became reality as I organised for the lovely Lorette from Slingababy to come down to Kent and teach a course.

In December 2017 our fifth daughter Clara joined us and is giving me the opportunity to test all the slings again and use her as the practical demo baby that she is.

My Philosophy

I am very passionate about babywearing as it is an excellent parenting tool. It helps you keep your baby close and respond to their needs quicker. Your baby will be more settled, cry less and sleep better when being carried. Another bonus is the cuddles, who doesn’t love a baby cuddle?

My Training

Trained Babywearing Peer Supporter
Born To Carry, February 2015

Trained Baby-carrying Consultant
Slingababy, July 2016